Moose Valve

Installation & Care Instruction

The Moose Valve is the Worlds first bagpipe non restrictive valve suitable for every bagpipe set up since the original flap valve. The Moose Valve offers 100% confidence for every piper combined with non restrictive air flow and an efficient water trap.

The Moose valve is the latest precision engineered product to replace all existing blowpipe and stock bagpipe valves and here are 10 good reasons why every piper should use a Moose Valve.

100% Airtight

Super Efficient Large Sized Bore

Very Easy to Fit and Remove

Ideal for Any Bag Set Up

Fully Adjustable from 3/4" to 7/8"

Effective Spit Trap

Fits Internal Tapered Stocks

Secures Directly into Bore of Stock

No Drilling or Reeming Required

No Hemping Required

And to top all of this off, we offer a 2 Year Guarantee on every Moose Valve.

(The 2 year guarantee offered on the every Moose Valve covers any faults in manufacture and assembly only. The guarantee does not cover mis-use of any kind)

Use Instructions

The Moose Blowpipe Valve comes in a unique packaging idea. (as shown below) This clear tube has a bore which is the average size of most blowpipe stocks. The clear tube is provided to assist in becoming familiar with the installation and removal of the valve before fitting to the blowpipe stock. It is strongly advised that the clear tube is used for experimenting with to get a good feel for, and to see, how to best fit the valve securely and obtain a perfect seal. (the clear tube does not get inserted into the stock, it is purely clever packaging)

Installing the Moose Valve

1. Adjust the valve using the tool provided until the valve forms an "easy sliding fit" into the stock bore. Turning clockwise will compress the clear rubber collar, therefore expanding the diameter. If the valve is too tight it will have to be forced into the stock which will cause difficulty in installation and also difficulty later when removal is required. If the valve is too loose it will spin around inside the stock when it is attempting to tighten securely in place.

2. Push the valve into the bore until level with the top opening of the blowpipe stock. Then by using the tool provided pull the valve back out of the stock about 1/4". This seats the seal and ensures that the seal is in full contact with the stock bore when it is tightened in place later. It will also ensure that it creates a perfect 100% airtight fit.

3. Insert the blowpipe to push the valve into full depth. At this point decide whether or not the Moose Valve is to be used also as a Water Trap. If the user is not intending on using the Moose Valve as a water trap, it needs to remain right up against the blowpipe so the airflow goes directly through the valve body and the water trap feature is not utilized. (Go directly to step 5)

4. When utilizing the Moose Valve water trap feature, use the tool to push the valve into the stock a further 1/4" - 3/4", depending on how long the stock allow. When the blowpipe is inserted this creates a space between the valve and the end of the blowpipe. This space allows moisture to be collected between the inner stock wall and the valve outer wall.

5. Tighten the valve using the tool until it feels secure.

Removing the Moose Valve

The Moose Valve has to be removed for cleaning and/or seasoning a leather bag.

1. Insert the tool and unscrew the valve 2 turns.

2. Push the valve into the bore about 1/8" to break the seal made when the valve was tightened on installation.

3. Pull the Valve out.

Water Trap

The Moose Valve is also designed to act as an efficient water trap by trapping moisture before it enters the bag.

The water gathers between the outer wall of the Moose Valve and the inner wall of the blowpipe stock. The moisture can simply be removed at any time by removing the blowpipe and tipping the stock.

A decision can be made as to whether the water trap feature is to be used. (see installation instructions)

Care Instructions

Be very careful to NEVER place any unnecessary strain on the valve flap.

1. Gently clean using a thin cloth or soft brush to remove any build up.

2. Rinse under warm running water.

Rough and Tapered Stock Bores

The Moose Valve easily fits rough or tapered stock bores. When inserting or removing the valve ensure to loosen or tighten the valve gradually to accommodate the contours of the stock bore.

If at any time, you have a question about the Moose Valve or need some technical support then please do not hesitate to email us and we will be happy to assist.

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