Mooseture Control System

Installation & Care Instructions


The Mooseture Control System has been designed to be utilized by pipers using a wide range of set-ups. The system can be used in whole or in part to achieve the desired outcome. Whether the player wants moisture control for just the drones, the chanter or both, then the Mooseture Control System has the flexibility to acheive full control of the environment within the bag.

Easy Installation Instructions


Lay the bagpipes flat on a work surface.

Open the zipper on the pipe bag to give access inside to fit the Moose Tubes.

CLICK HERE to learn how to install the Moose Tubes.

A Moose Tube is fitted to each of the 3 drone stocks and then the other is fitted to either the chanter or blowpipe stock dependant on how the Mooseture Control System is to be used.

#Note:- All 4 Moose Tubes for the Mooseture Control System are the same length. So it DOES NOT matter which one is used where!


Photo:- Bagpipes on flat surface with bag zipper open to give access to inside the pipe bag



Photo:- Exposing the 3 drone tubes to fit the drone canister.


Fitting the Moose Drone Canister:-

Once the 3 drone tubes have been fitted, it is time to connect the drone canister.

Initially, apply a small amount of lubricant to each of the 3 connections and slide the clear tubing into place.

Over time these will become a little easier to take on and off to remove and re-fit the canister.

To get the best postion, hold the canister like in the photo and connect the middle drone to the top connector. The bass tube to the left and the outside tenor to the right.

Fitting the Moose Chanter/Blowpipe Canister:-

Once the Moose Tube has been fitted to either the chanter or blowpipe stock, it is time to fit the chanter/blowpipe canister.

Initially, apply a small amount of lubricant to the connector and slide the clear tubing into place.

Over time this will become a little easier to take on and off to remove and re-fit the canister.

When installing the chanter/blowpipe canister, ensure that the free-flow air hole is facing up as in the photo. The reason for this will become apparent later in the care and maintenance instructions.


Photo:- Exposing the chanter/blowpipe tube and fitting the canister ensure the free-flow air hole is facing up.



The Mooseture Control System is now installed.

Close the zip, close the bag cover and play.

Enjoy the steadiness, reliability and moisture control offered by

The Mooseture Control System


Further Adjustments

Because of the cylindrical shape of the Mooseture Control canisters, there is little requirement to adjust the canisters in any way as they will sit very level in the bag.

Hylands In-Line Drone Valves can be fitted to the system if desired.

CLICK HERE for installation instructions for the Hylands In-Line Drone Valves.

Care & Maintenance Instructions

Both Mooseture Control System canisters come complete with desiccant. The desiccant supplied is the most effective drying agent available and can be controlled to suit the moisture level required by the player.

Drying the Desiccant:-

The desiccant supplied with the Mooseture Control System can be easily dried using a conventional household microwave oven.

Simply pour the desiccant onto a plate and spread evenly to ensure it dries thoroughly.

Dependant on the microwave, 3-4 minutes should be enough.

#Note:- NEVER put the canister in the microwave!


Photo:- Pouring the desiccant onto a plate.



Photo:- Transfer from hot plate to cold plate.


Once the desiccant is dry it will be hot, so be careful.

If there is visible steam coming off the desiccant then it needs to be placed back in the microwave for a bit longer as this is moisture still coming out.

To test if the desiccant is dry touch the desiccant fingertips. If it is still wet it will stick to the fingers.

To cool the desiccant quickly, transfer it onto a cold plate.


Inserting the Desiccant:-

Use a container or small jug to pour the desiccant into each section of the canister.

Tap the canister lightly on a table or hard surface to settle the desiccant into each section.

Always make sure the canister sections in the drone canister are always full to the top as this will ensure minimum creation of any dust particals that may travel through to the reeds.

The amount of desiccant in the chanter canister can be chosen based on the moisture requirements of the individual player.


Photo:- Pouring the desiccant into the canister.



Photo:- Blowing through the canister.


Once the desiccant is in the canister, blow through to remove any dust.

This can also be done using a vacuum cleaner .

Re-fit the canister/s into the pipes.


Miss-use of any nature will not be covered in the 2 year warranty given with the Mooseture Control System Canisters.

(This may be determined by the retailer, manufacturer, or both.)

If at any time, you have a question about the Mooseture Control System or need some technical support then please do not hesitate to email us and we will be happy to assist.

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