Moose Connectors

New!!! Moose Tube Connectors for various applications!


Moose Tubes Connectors are for use in various applications.

The Moose Connector itself has been so popular that Moose Bagpipe Products has decided to release the connector itself to assist pipers in connecting various tubes, moisture control systems or valves into their bagpipes with the simple use of the Moose Connector that fits into the bottom of any stock, simply and securely.

The Moose Connector take seconds to fit and/or replace without any need to remove a stock from the bag!

Some of the various ways in which the Moose Coonector can be used are as follows:-

*Fit Hylands Inline Drone Valves, or other brand of drone valve, directly into the Moose Connector. For those pipers wishing to not use a moisture control system.

*Connect tubing for another brand of moisture control system.

*Setting up a water trap tube from the blowpipe stock.

*Connecting a tube trap set-up to the chanter stock.

They are incredibly easy to fit and replace by simply screwing securely into position in the bottom of each stock. The secure fitting is very similar to that used on the very popular Moose Valve.

(each Moose Connector comes with a short section of tubing which can be easily removed to fit a different tube)

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