Mooseture Control System

Mooseture Control System Drone Canister


Mooseture Control System Chanter/Blowpipe Canister

The Mooseture Control System is made up of 2 separate canisters. One for the drones and the other for the chanter or blowpipe.

The system offers options, in whole or part, to suit almost every bagpipe set up.

The Moose Drone Canister is a small cylinder divided into 3 separate sections, one to each of the 3 drones. Along with the use of Moose Tubes, the drone canister offers airtight, direct airflow to each drone reed.

The Moose Chanter/Blowpipe Canister is a smaller cylinder and offers even more options. It can be connected using a single Moose Tube to either the chanter stock or the blowpipe stock.

Connected to the chanter stock, the canister offers similar moisture control as the drone canister. It features an adjustable dial to allow control of free-flow, moist air from the bag direct to the chanter reed. This dial can be easily adjusted by gripping from the outside of the bag in a case where moisture needs to be controlled quickly. The canister also has a filter to catch any particals that may enter into the canister and affect the reed.

Connected to the blowpipe stock, the canister can be used in exactly the same way as a regular tube trap, capturing the moisture before it enters the bag.

Both canisters have a secure, easy to remove end cap and the canisters are easily removed from the tubes. Because the canisters are cylindrical they do not have to be levelled or positioned in the bag which means they are always unobtrusive and make packing the pipes away easy.

Both canisters come with desiccant for moisture control which can be easily microwave dried in minutes. The Mooseture Control System can be used with any other option of desiccant or chamios.

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