The Moose Bag

Warranty Details

The Moose Bag comes with a 2 year Warranty which will cover failure of any of the materials or components that would deem the bag not task-worthy. Any serious fault that renders the bag unservicable are covered under the warranty. Such as parting of the seams, tearing of the collars or failure of the zip.

Due to the construction and properties of the bag material there are certain expectations of what it is able to achieve. The material is a breathable synthetic fabric and there will be minimal loss of air which is not considered determental to the bags' performance.

As with all other pipe bags, the Moose Bag will remain fully inflated for several minutes, but will dissapate some air over time. The beneficial moisture control properties of this material are a result of its characteristcs and this is why it is successfully used in the manufacture of bagpipe bags.

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