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About Us

Moose Products is a business based in Melbourne, Australia and is a recognised name in the design, developement and manufacture of bagpipe related products. Moose Products are designed to give pipers a working product to assist in producing a reliable and consistent instrument.

The two main people behind the Moose Products name are Nigel Hylands and Ian Lyons, both long time friends who have set up a unique partnership where they can design, develop and test their innovative products combining expertise and professional workmanship.

Nigel & Ian have embarked on the production and developement of new and innovative products, all of which have been a roaring success and have received acolades from pipers and pipe bands the World over.

Combining Nigel's expertise in design and manufacture and Ian's expertise in piping, the two have been able to work together to produce superb quality products that work perfectly and are produced with great precision.

The Moose Valve, one of Moose Bagpipe Products first innovations, has become one of the most succesful bagpipe products of all time.

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