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Piping Information Websites

Andrew Lenz's Bagpipe Journey

Bagpipe Solutions by John Cairns

Bagpiper Case

Crozier Bagpipes

Fred Morrison Border Pipes & Reel Pipes

The Gordon Duncan Memorial Trust

Moose Bagpipe Products

Piping Up

School of Piping

Piping Media Websites

A Touch of Tartan - BBC Radio Ulster

Captains Corner

College of Piping Radio

Pipeline BBC - Radio Scotland


Piping & Pipe Band Forum Websites

Bob Dunsire Bagpipe Web Directory

PB News (New Zealand)

The Pipe Band Forum

The Pub Pipe Band Forum

Piping & Pipe Band Association Websites

C.P.A. The Competing Pipers Association - Scotland

P.P.B.S.O. (Pipers & Pipe Band Society of Ontario - Canada)

V.P.A. (Victorian Pipers Association - Australia)

Comunn na Piobaireachd - New Zealand

R.S.P.B.A. (Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association)

E.U.S.P.B.A. (Eastern United States Pipe Band Association)

I.P.B.A. (Irish Pipe Band Association)

Pipe Bands Victoria - Australia

R.U. Brown Piobaireachd Society of South Australia

The Piobaireachd Society - Scotland

Bagpipe Association of Germany

R.N.Z.P.B.A. (Royal New Zealand Pipe Band Association)

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