The Moose Valve

The Moose Valve is an innovative Blowpipe Stock Valve.

The Moose Valve is one of the most popular bagpipe products of all time and is used by pipers worldwide.

The Moose Valve comes with a 2 Year Guarantee.

It is very easy to fit and remove using a tool provided and fits securely in position. It can be used in any type of bag set up and is fully adjustabe from 3/4" - 7/8", and also fits internal tapered bores with no requirement to ream or drill out a stock.

The Moose Valve features a large bore for efficient air delivery and is 100% airtight.

Once fitted, the Moose Valves also acts as a water trap which effectively collects excess moisture which can be tipped out at any time by simply removing the blowpipe.

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