The Moose Bag

The Moose Bag is a synthetic pipe bag with an airtight zipper.

Available in 3 Sizes:-

Small 745mm x 270mm (29.25"x 10.5")

Medium 750mm x 290mm (29.5" x 11.5")

Large 755mm x 305mm (29.75" x 12")

It features rubber collars for the three drones and blowpipe stocks which are placed at the perfect angle for comfort whilst playing. The collars require no clamping or taping which make the Moose Bag very easy to install.

The airtight zip runs at an angle along the side to avoid contact with the arm whilst playing.

The chanter stock can be fitted in 3 diferent ways, depending on preferred set up.

The Moose Bag comes with a 2 Year Warranty

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